Red hair colors for 2022: which red hairstyles are in style? (Which one suits you?)

The red hair colors are striking and also soft! We already reviewed the blonde hair colors and brown hair colors, so now of course it’s the turn of the red hair colors.

One thing is already certain: red colors are going to be the trendiest hair colors this year! We’re going to see a lot of red haircuts, yeah!

Orange red hair colors 2022

We’re going to see a lot of orange-red hair colors this year (think: Paramore!): hair colors that are red, but lean more towards orange.

By the way, these shades are not very easy to maintain: a red color can quickly fade and become orange-ish. If you don’t want that, you will have to dye your hair very regularly.

  • copper hair colors
  • mahogany hair colors
  • dark red hair colors
  • orange red hair colors
  • fel red hair colours

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red hair colors orange red hair colors:



Red hair colors paired with a super cool yellow blouse (racorn via shutterstock)



Gorgeous orange red hair color (Milan Ilic Photographer via Shutterstock)



Beautiful red hair color with bangs (gpointstudio via shutterstock)



Bombshell red hair color (918 via shutterstock)



Beautiful orange-red hair color with bangs (Eugenio Marongiu via shutterstock)



Insanely beautiful orange red hair color (racorn via shutterstock)



Orange red hair color bob combined with beautiful green tones (Yuliya Yafimik via Shutterstock)



Light orange hair color ( Cookie Studio via shutterstock)



Red hair color with copper highlights (pressmaster via shutterstock)



Lob hairstyle with red hair color (artstudia group via shutterstock)



Red hair colors: beautiful orange-red hair shade (Victoria Chudinova via Shutterstock)




Blue eyes and red hair color (racorn via shutterstock)




Red hair color combined with black nerd glasses / glasses (Dmitry A via Shutterstock)



red hair colors with flower wreath (918 via shutterstock)



Fierce orange-red hair color (masson via shutterstock)



Orange red hair color with yellow sweater (racorn via shutterstock)



Red hair colors (racorn via shutterstock)



Red hair color (cookie studio via shutterstock)



Red hair colors (racorn via shutterstock)



Orange red hair color and gray sweater (how cute they look together!) (racorn via shutterstock)



Layered hairstyles in a gorgeous red hair shade (918 via shutterstock)

Real red hair colors

The true red hair colors are also not easy to maintain (no red dyed hair color is): red adheres to the hair shaft pretty hard.

Funny, because once you’ve dyed your hair with an orange or red shade, the orange shine is still very hard to get out of your hair (and this blonde who once went to dark red hair speaks from experience)! Red hair colors are not hair colors for you if you don’t feel like maintaining the hair tone.

So regular self-tinting or regular visits to the hairdresser (red hair with a brown, blonde or black outgrowth is definitely not a sight to behold) is mandatory.



Natural rose hair color ( Sibfilm via shutterstock)



Redhead (Eugenio Marongiu via shutterstock)



Natural red hair color (Izabela Magier via shutterstock)


Light red hair (Zoom team via shutterstock)



light hair color (Olena Zaskochenko via shutterstock)



Beautiful red hair ( Radu Bercan via Shutterstock)



Bride hairstyle for red hair (Tata Mamai via shutterstock)



dark red hair (Julia Luzina via shutterstock)



Orange red hair updo (Elena Stepanova via Shutterstock)



Beautifully made-up woman with red hair (Dmitry Tsvetkov via Shutterstock)



Short red hair (Yuri Shevtsov via shutterstock)



Wild red hair (Milla F via Shutterstock)



Red hair colors: curly hairstyle ( Lia Koltyrina via Shutterstock)



Gorgeous red-brown hair (zoom team via shutterstock)



Red brown hairstyles (Svyatoslava Vladzimirska via shutterstock)



Light red hair ( Gromovataya via shutterstock)



Dark red haircut (Milla F via shutterstock)



Red hair color along with a beautiful red matte lipstick ( Blackday via shutterstock)



Styled hairstyle for red hair colors (Julia Luzina via shutterstock)



Light red hair colors (Yuriy Zhuravov via shutterstock)



Red hair colors and houndstooth scarf ( Racorn via Shutterstock)



Gorgeous red hair color with tiara ( Katie Little via Shutterstock )



Long dark red hair (Blackday via shutterstock)



Gorgeous rose tones in dark brown hair (Sunnytoys via shutterstock)



Gala hairstyle with curls for dark red hair (Ekaterina Jurkova via shutterstock)



Purple eye makeup and red hair color, a beautiful combination (Daria Cherry via shutterstock)

Fel red hair colors

Striking bright red hair colors are beautiful! Again, you need to keep them up often. It may also be that your hair does not absorb the color so well (if you are blonde, for example). Did you know that if your hair is very brittle and dry, you absorb much more hair dye into your hair? Your hair will then also be darker than what was originally stated on the packaging. So be sure to take this into account when you dye your hair.



Dark red hair colors ( Piotr Krzeslak via shutterstock)



Fierce hair color (Lil Maria via Shutterstock)



Vampy look with red hair (Milan Ilic photographer via shutterstock)



Dark red hair (Yutiy Zhuravov via shutterstock)



Curly hairstyle (918 via shutterstock)



Styled red hair (Anton pozniak via shutterstock)



Wild red hair (Vichizh via shutterstuck)



Dark red curls (Biglike Images via shutterstock)



wild red hair (Lil Maria via shutterstock)

Dark red hair colors

I have a soft spot for dark red hair: I had it myself for a few months (a kind of cherry black, I believe it was called) and the first time I dyed it, I loved it.

I had brown hair at the time and was a little tired of that, I wanted more spice in my hair! And with my green-blue-grey eyes I thought a dark red hair color would look good. And indeed, it was very nice.

Until the paint started to fade and I got a fluorescent orange outgrowth. I dyed and dyed and ended up with a very dark brown color (close to black) that turned bright red and bright orange only in sunlight. Hmmm :p It can be a beautiful color, but I think you have to know how to maintain the color.



Dark red hair color (Milla F via shutterstock)



Purple red hair color (Subbotina Anna via shutterstock)



Bob hairstyle with straight bangs (Patrizia Tilly via shutterstock)



Spicy red hairstyle (Olga Ekaterincheva via shutterstock)


Which red hair color suits you?

Would you like to have a red hair color – reddish hair color but not sure which hair shade would suit you? To dye the perfect red shade in your hair, you need to look at a few things:

    • your original hair colour
    • your eye color
    • your skin tone and undertone

Step 1: what is your actual hair color?

Were you born a cool brunette? Then you better not choose a warm hair shade when you dye it yourself, as you are often born in a cool, neutral or warm shade. If you play with that, the end result can look very unnatural. Therefore, we always recommend to stay with your own hue, although the choice is of course free!

Step 2: What is the undertone of your skin tone?

No idea how to determine your undertone? We are happy to help you out! My favorite technique is to look at the color of your veins in your wrist. If they are green, then you have a warm tone. If they are bluish, then you have a cool shade. But… unfortunately, that doesn’t finish the stocking. You can also have a neutral shade, just to make it a little more difficult.

One more tip: hold gold or silver near your skin (which can be fine silver paper or something) and see which color makes you look fresh and awake. Is it the gold color? Then you have a warm tone. Is it with the silver color, it’s a cool shade. Can both be done? You guessed it… that’s for the neutral shade.

Step 3: your eye color

Your eye color can also help you perfectly! Do you have a cool eye color like light blue, gray…? Then you are usually the cool type. If you have a warm green color, teal, hazel color or a warm brown color, then you are in the warm part of the spectrum.

Warm or cool shades of red?

So how do you know which shades of red are cool or warm? Well, the orange-red colors are warm-toned, the brown-red colors are often cool-toned. Also, be sure to let your hairdresser know very clearly what red hair color you would like, with any luck you’ll bump into a good hairdresser who also looks at how that hair color will fit with the rest of your colors.

What red hair colors are there?

  • light red
  • dark red
  • Flax red
  • tomato red
  • cherry red / cherry red hair
  • orange red
  • brown through
  • ajacou

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