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  • quinceanera-nail-art

    Quinceañera Nail art and Nail Polish (Quince nails and manis)

    Quinceanera Nail art and Nail Polish For many people, a quinceañera is an important milestone in their lives. It’s a celebration of their transition into adulthood and the beginning of womanhood. (Etsy) During this celebration, the birthday girl will wear a (white) dress, dance with her parents, and receive a gift. Many other traditions occur […]

  • pink-and-white-valentines-day-nails

    80x Valentine’s Day nails 2023: nail art for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic holidays, and what better way to show your love for someone than with some cute nail art? There are many designs that you can do for Valentine’s Day. For example, hearts or a simple red color on a base coat would be perfect if you want to […]

  • nail-decals

    Nail polish trends for 2023: you need these in your life

    Nail polish trends for 2023: Nail polish trends for 2023: the cutest nail polish colors! Last year we saw the most exciting nail polish trends, ranging from fluorescent colors to the most copied trend of multi-colored nails. However, the nail polish trends for 2023 show that multicolored or brightly colored nails will be replaced by […]

  • diy-pedicure

    DIY pedicure at home: how to give yourself a home pedicure

    DIY pedicure at home: home pedicure Going to the pedicure is great: you’re pampered from head (uh, ankle, sorry) to toes with a scrub, moisturizer and your toenails look perfect afterward too. However, not everyone has the time or money to make an appointment with a professional pedicure – how can we give ourselves a […]

  • how-to-apply-bronzer

    How to apply bronzer? This is how to use bronzer! + our favorites

    How to apply bronzer? This is how to use bronzer! How to apply bronzer? How to apply bronzer – In the wonderful world of makeup, bronzer has long held a prominent place. It helps influencers add a wow factor to their looks that you might look at with some jealousy. This no longer has to […]

  • Fragrance-discounters

    Fragrance Discounters: Safe to Use, or Fake? The Inside Scoop

    The best deals in the world are not always the most reliable. Fragrance discounters, for example, can offer a significant discount on your favorite perfume or cologne. But with so many choices available and varying quality levels of products, it is important to know what you’re getting before you buy! There is a lot of […]

  • rollerball-perfume

    The Ultimate Guide to Packing Perfume and Fragrances for Travel

    When it comes to packing for a trip, you want to pack the essentials. That includes clothes, toiletries, and your favorite perfume or fragrance. But how can we make sure we don’t break our bottles when traveling? The key is using the right packaging methods before putting them in our luggage. We will go over: […]

  • how-to-use-olaplex

    How does Olaplex work? How to apply Olaplex (which order?)

    What is Olaplex and what does it do? Maybe you recognize this situation: the endless cycle of dyeing your hair semi-permanently or permanently, and the associated unpleasant consequences. Your hair can become very dry, damaged, or frizzy, and brittle. Not a good look. Especially in the past year, and unfortunately, I am also speaking for […]

  • how-to-apply-lip-liner

    How to apply lip liner? Step by step guide & video tutorials

    How to apply lipliner? Do you want to know how to apply lip liner? We have gathered all our best tips! What is lip liner? Lipliner or lip pencil works as a kind of primer for your lips: it makes your lip color stay on for a long time without smudging or bleeding. Never used […]