How to apply bronzer? This is how to use bronzer! + our favorites

How to apply bronzer? This is how to use bronzer!

How to apply bronzer? How to apply bronzer – In the wonderful world of makeup, bronzer has long held a prominent place. It helps influencers add a wow factor to their looks that you might look at with some jealousy. This no longer has to be the case.

In this article, we explain what a bronzer is and how to incorporate it into your daily makeup routine. So read on and discover our best bronzer tips! Would you like to be able to wear bronzer without it looking dirty? I’m happy to give you my very best tips!

Bronzer application


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What is bronzer?

Bronzer is like having the sun in your hands. It gives you sun-kissed skin without having to put in much effort or sit in the sun.

This face makeup is available in different price ranges so you will definitely find one that is within your budget. A summer vacation color is therefore also within your reach during, say, the dreary winter months.

History of bronzers

The first bronzers were developed in the year 1984 by the French brand Guerlain. They got the name Guerlain Terracotta bronzer. This is because of the color. This bronzer smells like Ylang- Ylang, vanilla, orange blossom, and tonka beans, scents that appeal to almost everyone.

Due to the popularity of this product, almost every makeup line has its own bronzer, which gives you the opportunity to choose one that completely suits your favorite brand.

What types of bronzer are there?

In the 37 years that bronzers have been helping us to look tanned, manufacturers have introduced different variants of this product to the market.

Therefore, you can buy it in the form of a compact powder, a stick, as a mousse or in liquid form. Bronzer is also incorporated into certain sunscreens so that when you apply the cream, you tan, nourish, and care for your skin.

In addition, you can choose between a shiny and matte bronzer or one with glitters or shimmers for a shiny effect.

  • matte bronzers
  • shimmery bronzers
  • cream bronzer
  • powder bronzer
  • liquid bronzer

What does bronzer do?

Bronzer is makeup that makes your skin tanner for the period you have it on. This eliminates the need to expose your skin to harmful sun rays for days on end if you’d like to go to a party with a tanned face.

By using a bronzer, you also don’t have to spend hours self-tanning (how to remove spotty self-tanner) for a sunkissed face, since you can make it your daily makeup ritual. Bronzer also helps you highlight your sun-tanned skin, making you look extra radiant.



Do you use bronzer before or after your foundation?

Every makeup artist will recommend that you apply your bronzer after your foundation and concealer. You do this for a nice even coverage of your face. With your foundation, after your primer, you lay the foundation for the rest of your makeup.

Your skin-colored concealer also helps you to camouflage any imperfections that may show through from under your foundation. There are also color-correcting concealers that you can use, for example, to treat a too-red undertone of your skin before applying your foundation.

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The bronzer then gives the whole look a healthy brown glow that is also natural and balanced.

What color bronzer is right for me?

Before we tell you how to apply a bronzer, we’ll tell you what to look out for when buying this product. Bronzers are sold in all colors so you can really look for one that you can apply in a subtle way.

In fact, the best color bronzer is one that is no more than three shades darker than your own shade. It is natural to choose a light colored bronzer if your own shade is very light. This will prevent your makeup from looking unnatural and harsh.

If you have dry facial skin, it is a good idea to opt for a cream or liquid version of this product. Also, it is better to prefer a matte variant over one with shimmer and shine if you plan to wear the bronzer also as part of your work makeup. This will prevent you from appearing at work every day with a disco ball face.

Which makeup brush do you use to apply bronzer?

Liquid and cream bronzers are easily applied with your fingertips, a beauty blender or a damp sponge. For a stick bronzer, you don’t need a tool although a beautyblender is useful for blending this product.

For applying powder bronzer, it is best to buy a brush with synthetic bristles. This is because they hold more bronzer than a brush made of natural hair.

Depending on the effect you wish to create, choose a:
– pencil with an angled shape that will help you apply the bronzer well under your cheekbones;
– fluffy brush with a large surface that allows you to quickly do the bronzer on your face and other parts of your body. This brush helps you achieve a natural look that is even;
– powder brush which is generally the most used.

How to apply bronzer.

1. Make sure you have a clean face

So clean your face according to your normal cleansing routine with water, a mild (soap) or facial cleanser. After this, condition it with a moisturizing day cream or lotion;

2. Apply a primer

This product helps you to create an even base for your foundation. It also keeps your makeup looking good throughout the day. For this purpose, spread the primer thinly over your face with your fingers or a brush. Do not forget to apply some eye primer to the area around and on your eyes if you want to wear eye shadow;

3. Time for your foundation and concealer

If you have dark circles under your eyes or a too-red undertone, first apply a color concealer to cover them.

Follow this with your foundation, which you can also apply as evenly as possible using your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. Any unevenness can then be covered with your skin-colored concealer;

4. Apply bronzer

In contrast to foundation and primer, you do not apply bronzer all over your face.

You only apply it along the side of your hairline, under your cheekbones and on your jawline.

As you may already know, these are the natural spots on your face that are also tanned by the sun. By forming a big three or letter E on your face with your brush for this purpose, you’ll do a great job of mimicking sun-kissed skin.

Blend your bronzer nicely into the rest of your base makeup! You shouldn’t see a hard line.

What I also do personally: apply a little bronzer with a stippling brush on my nose and let it continue a little on my cheeks. Look where you get a natural tan!

After this step you can proceed to apply the rest of your makeup.

Of course you can also use a bronzer without the second and third step. Especially if you quickly want to give your face a fresher look, this is a great option.

Bronzer application: tutorial

Combining bronzer, blush and highlighter

That a bronzer brightens up your face you already know. Sometimes it’s enough but there are days when you want to go that extra mile with your makeup. That’s why you combine your bronzer with a blush and highlighter.

  • How do you apply highlighter?
  • How to apply blush?

After applying the bronzer in the way described in the previous paragraph, further brighten the upper part of your cheeks by applying blush. Do this in an oblique oval shape, avoiding your nose and ear as much as possible.

Next, lightly apply a highlighter to your:

  • cheekbones
  • corners of the eyes,
  • eyebrows,
  • on the cupid’s bow, and
  • your nasal bone. To do this, preferably use a small brush.

Difference between bronzer and contour

A bronzer is what you use to make your face a little more sunkissed and to give it a little more depth. As mentioned, it’s like having the sun on your hands no matter what time of year it is.

So what’s the difference with contouring? With contour powder or a contour stick, you apply accents to your face, with the goal of making your strong points stand out more. Also, the shadows you form by contouring allow you to adjust your face shape.

Contouring is done with a cool shade of brown, bronzer is always a warmer shade of brown. Look very carefully at your own colors. Any idea if you’re more into cool colors or warm colors? Do a quick color analysis here!

Are you like me more reddish-brown than real brown? Then look for a bronzer that also has these colors.

Well known bronzer brands

  • Hoola bronzer from Benefit
  • Laguna from Nars
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (beautiful bronzer, but smells quite strong and you must love this scent)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer
  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer & Highlighter
  • Guerlain Terracotta bronzer
  • Chanel Les Beiges poudre Belle mine ensoleillée
  • Hourglass Ambient Lightning Bronzer
  • Clinique Chubby Stick
  • MAC Bronzing Powder
  • Ilia bronzer
  • Nabla Gotham (I used this one myself for years! It’s not expensive and very pretty plus this one also had a bit more of a cool tint)
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • DR. Hauschka bronzing fluid

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