How to wear a belt (style tips for men – wear your belt with style)

5 tips for men to wear the belt with style (this way you’ll never be wrong)

Are you wearing a belt to keep your pants in place or is it just an accessory?

And if you wear a belt, do you know how best to wear it? In this article, we will answer the question: How to wear a belt and we will show you how to wear this accessory the right way. First of all, we will tell you how to wear a belt and then how best to wear it.

In addition, we give tips on how to shorten your belt and what to pay attention to when buying a new belt.

When do you wear a belt?

You wear a belt when your pants have special loops for this. Pants with ‘unfilled’ loops are not finished and it detracts from your look.

Especially when wearing a suit, the belt is a must when your trousers have loops.

As you can see we are talking about the presence of loops rather than the practical side of wearing a belt.

This is because you really shouldn’t need a belt to let your pants sit properly. It is assumed, especially when it comes to business clothing etiquette, that you wear clothing in your size.

A pair of trousers made especially for you will stay in place even without a belt. So, the belt is not necessary, but it is a good way for the man to add value to his outfit.

Some tips: wearing and combining belts

To answer the question of how to wear a belt, we have listed a few tips for you. This way you will immediately know how to put on your belt tomorrow and which one you should wear.

Tip 1: Match your belt with your shoes

When you want to dress well, finding the right proportions is very important. There are elements that you want to match too much with each other and not too much with each other.

What you do want to match, no matter which suit you wear, are your belt and your shoes. This answer to the question How to wear a belt is very important.

A good match between belts and shoes creates unity within your style. Especially when wearing a suit, it is important to take this tip with you.

Pay attention not only to the color of the belt but also to the material. If you wear suede shoes, for example, it will look less beautiful if you wear a smooth leather belt. Below we have listed three nice matches for you for inspiration


Tip 2: Don’t forget the cufflinks

Besides the match between belt and shoes, don’t forget your cufflinks. Now you may not wear cufflinks every day, but when you do this it’s best to match them to your belt.

In this case, it’s about the match between the material of the cuff and the buckle of your belt. Do you wear silver cufflinks?

Then choose a belt with a silver buckle. This way of combining is similar to that of a woman’s jewelry. In general, there is no combination of a gold bracelet with a silver necklace.

Tip 3: Never wear a belt and suspenders

Unfortunately, it can happen you meet someone who is wearing both a belt and suspenders.

In this case, either the belt or the suspenders is probably a fashion choice.

Both the belt and the suspenders serve the same purpose in the base: to keep your pants (seemingly) in place.

The confusion arises with some people because both accessories are basically superfluous when your suit is made to measure. Yet, it is not done to wear both elements at the same time.

Tip 4: Left and not right

When you’ve chosen the right belt for your outfit, it’s time to put it on. For men, the belt is pulled through the loops counterclockwise.

This means that the buckle is on the left side. For women, it is exactly the other way around.

When they wear a belt it goes clockwise through the loops resulting in a buckle on the right side.

Tip 5: The middle hole

As we told you before, you don’t really need the belt. You wear the belt as an accessory like a woman wears a beautiful necklace.

However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter what size belt you wear. Each belt has five holes.

When you want to wear your belt the right way, fix your belt on the middle hole. This distance ensures that the ‘flap’ fits exactly through the first loop without ‘fluttering’.

If your belt fits on the middle hole, then the belt is just the right size. If it does not fit, then your belt is either too small or too big. In that case, it is time to buy a new belt or shorten your belt.

How to shorten your belt

As you can read in the tips on How to Wear a belt? above, the belt has five holes. But what about when your belt turns out to be too big? You don’t have to throw away a belt that is too big, you can easily shorten it.

This way you can enjoy it even longer. Now you can make an extra hole, but in a neat belt, this is not desirable. Here you prefer to keep the five holes as they are. But how do you shorten a belt?

The shortening is not done on the side of the holes, but on the side of the buckle. When you remove the buckle, cut or trim a piece of the belt. After this, you fasten the buckle again and your belt is shortened without anyone seeing it.

Of course, it is easier to show this method than to describe it. Below you will find a video in which we show you exactly how this shortening works.

Want to buy a belt? Some tips:

Are you looking for a new belt? Then we would like to give you some useful tips that you can use during your search.

Choose the right size

It may sound logical, but if you’re not at home in the world of belts, finding the right size can be tricky. To start with, it is good to know that the belt size indicates the distance from the buckle to the middle hole. I

n addition, it is important to measure your own waist. It is best to keep your trousers on and then measure your circumference at the height where your belt should go.

Your circumference in centimeters is about the belt size you should choose. Belt sizes for men go by five centimeters and in most cases fall between sizes 80 to 115.

If you are in doubt about the right size, always buy a belt one size bigger than you think you need. After all, you can always shorten it.

Note: Most trousers have narrow loops. In most cases, a belt up to a width of three and a half centimeters fits through here. As soon as the belt is four centimeters wide or wider, it will most likely not fit in neat trousers.

The material

The material you choose is often related to the material of your shoes. Since you want the belt and the shoe to match, the material of your belt will depend on your shoe.

Most belts are made of beautiful leather. As soon as your belt starts to wear out at the hole you attach it to, it’s time to look for a new belt. Damaged or dull belts will quickly damage your entire outfit. A shame!

How to wear a belt?

Now you know the answer to the question: How to wear a belt? We will briefly mention the most important points for you. This way you can see at a glance if your (new) belt is the ideal match.

  • Make sure there is a match between the belt and shoe (both color and material);
  • Make sure there is a match between buckle and cuffs;
  • Never wear a belt and braces;
  • Wear your belt counterclockwise;
  • Choose the middle hole to fix the belt.
  • If your belt is too long, it is best to shorten it on the side of the buckle.
  • Is your belt too short? Then it is time for a new belt.
  • Before buying a new belt, first, measure your size around the spot where you are wearing your belt.
  • Your size in centimeters corresponds to your ideal belt size. Are you in doubt? Then buy a larger size so you can easily customize it yourself.

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