How to shop shoes for narrow feet (women)

Shoe shopping tips for narrow feet

How to shop shoes for narrow feet? Maybe this story sounds familiar to you: you see a fantastic pair of shoes that you just have to have. Your new must-haves are ordered in no time and you can’t wait to try them on. In your head you’re already checking which outfits in your wardrobe will match these eye-catchers perfectly. Once at your feet, however, your new shoes turn out to be too wide. Recognizable? However elegant and graceful narrow feet may be, in practice having narrow feet makes finding the right shoes a bit more difficult. That’s why we share some smart tips for finding perfectly fitting shoes for the narrow children’s, women’s or men’s foot! If you have a shoe with a slender last, you can adjust it!

Tips for perfectly fitting shoes for narrow feet

Having narrow feet doesn’t necessarily mean that nice shoes will pass your nose. However, you can increase the chances of getting a shoe with the right fit, for example by looking at which trendy models fit your feet best. Or you can focus on the brands that are known for their beautiful shoes with slim lasts. And of course, there are always tools that can easily make your dream shoes fit right. Read all about it in the tips below!

Tip 1: Do not compromise on length

A smaller shoe has a narrower last. So it’s not surprising that people with narrow feet often tend to opt for shoes that are just a little too small. Besides the inconvenience of walking on shoes that are too small, it can eventually cause annoying foot complaints. Constant entrapment of the toes can even result in foot abnormalities, such as the development of hammer toes. A bending of the toe joint between the first and second phalanx causes the toe to bend (like a hammer). A hammer toe can be painful and makes walking more difficult. When you can unroll your foot well and your toes have enough space, then the size is right. Do your toes touch the nose of your shoe? Then it is too small. And unfortunately, shoes that are too small cannot be made to fit. So you have doubts about the length of your new wannahaves? Have a look a size further or point your arrows at an eye-catcher with slim lasts!

Tip 2: Pay attention to the size of your shoe

A nice fitting shoe has the right length and width. The width, last or width of a shoe is determined by the circumference of your foot and the height of your instep. To ensure that shoes fit properly, there are different widths, which reflect the width of a shoe. The most common width is ‘G’. Other widths are: E: extra narrow foot F: narrow foot G: average foot width H: slightly wider foot K: wide foot M: extra wide foot Do you have narrow feet, then it is wise, in your search for the perfect shoe, to focus on shoes with a slender last in size E, F or G. Doesn’t the model you dropped your eye on have a specified width? Then this does not automatically mean that the shoe does not fit. Differences in the model, materials used or finish mean that every model (of any brand) sits differently at the foot. For example, a shoe made of Hassia in size G is wider than a women’s shoe made of Wäldlaufer. Actual fitting then offers a solution. And doesn’t your new shoe look a bit wider than you thought? Then take a look around at the brands that are known for their shoes with beautiful slim lasts!

Tip 3: Go for brands with a slim last

If you have narrow feet, then it’s always nice to know a number of quality brands of women’s shoes that often make shoes with a slim last. For example, quality label Gabor has elegant ankle boots, lace-up shoes and boots in size F, especially for the narrow women’s foot! Furthermore, the beautiful ankle boots of Attilio Giusti Leombruni are perfect for the narrower foot and the shoes of trendy brands such as Lamica and Pertini are often made with a slim last. Furthermore, the collections of brands such as Brunate, Unisa, La Cabala, DL Sport, Woden and Peter Kaiser all contain shoes with a fine fit for the narrower foot.

Tip 4: Insoles

Sometimes a simple tool can help to fit a shoe that is just a little too wide. For example, adding a half or whole insole can ensure that your shoe sits correctly on your foot!

Women’s shoes with a slim last

Narrow sneakers

Nothing like a trendy sneaker under a dress or casual jeans. What’s more, this season you’ll once again have a wide choice of models: from sporty shoes with a vintage look to fast runners with elastic bands and chunky soles, there’s something for every sneaker lover. But what are the ideal sneakers for narrow feet? There may be more than you think! For example, several shoe brands make sneakers with a slim last. Think for example of brands such as La Cabala, DL Sport and Woden. The Italian quality label Santoni not only makes men’s sneakers with a narrower last, but also narrow boots and entry shoes for men.

Pumps for narrow feet

Where with lace-up shoes or a pair of high boots you can still smuggle a little bit, with pumps this is a bit more difficult. Pumps need to fit perfectly if you want to be able to walk on them comfortably, without the risk of your shoe suddenly slipping out. At the same time, as a lady with narrow feet, you want to be able to shine on a good pair of power pumps from time to time. But where do you find those lovely slim pumps? Brunate and Peter Kaiser, among others, make beautiful timeless classics for the narrower foot.

Slim lasts lace-up shoes

A common tip for people with narrow feet is to choose lace-up shoes. Laces can make the shoe more tailored to the size of the foot. This is partly true: by putting on the laces you can make the shoe fit your foot even better. But even then, your shoe may not be too wide in base. A lace-up shoe with a slender last remains the best choice in this case as well. Curious about some nice examples? Take a look at the shoes of Pertini!

Ankle boots for narrow feet

A last type of shoe where it is very important that the last fits well with your foot, are the ankle boots. Brands that excel in this include Lamica, Pertini and Unisa.

Shoes for narrow children’s feet

Are you blessed with a pair of slender feet? Chances are your kid lives on narrow feet. Compared to adults, children are more likely to have narrow feet. That’s why children’s shoes – even in the larger sizes – often have narrower lasts than regular women’s or men’s shoes. That shoes fit well and offer the right support is very important, especially for children’s growing feet. A brand that specializes in making shoes especially for narrow children’s feet is Clic! In addition, our previous tips also apply to children’s shoes: one shoe is not the other, a size can vary per brand of children’s shoes. When fitting a new pair of children’s shoes, make sure they fit well in the length as well as on the sides of the foot and on top of the instep. Does your child have a wider foot? You can also contact us for advice and a wide range of beautiful, trendy children’s shoes for wide children’s feet.

Looking for a shoe with a slim last?

Fortunately, as you’ve read, there are several tips that lead to finding shoes for the narrow foot that look great and fit perfectly. From elegant ankle boots to tough lace-up shoes or festive pumps: whatever type of shoe you’re looking for, it comes in a slim last. And do you like to get personal advice in your search for a new eye-catcher?

Then stop by one of our your favourite shoe stores. There you will find a wide range of different types of shoes from different brands that are able to cope with a narrow foot. Mostly, the employees are happy to help you find the right shoe for you and they know exactly how all brands fall into the category and, based on your preferences, and can quickly and easily fit a number of pairs with a slim last.

So you can shop for yourself, or for your child, in no time for a trendy and great fitting narrow shoe. And who knows, you may discover a fantastic new brand that you will enjoy for many years to come! Do you come across that dream pair of shoes in a webshop, but do you doubt whether this shoe will fit? Feel free to contact customer service staff, they will tell you all about the fit of your new shoes.


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