How much of your make-up and skincare is expired?

How much of your skincare and makeup has actually expired, but are you still using it? I don’t dare think about how much makeup and skincare I used to have that actually expired a long time ago… and I still use it. Ew. I bumped into this movie and decided to take a closer look at my own collection. Small disclaimer: I don’t always agree with the expiration date on the packaging. For example, I think you can use powders much longer (I disinfect them with alcohol every season) and your mascara and eye pencil should use a lot less (but that’s because I’ve become overcautious since my ICL lens implants). So, let’s see…

Expired make-up

Foundation: my ‘oldest’ is now 2 months old and I use it every day. All is fine 🙂

Mascara: I threw away my current one because I used it at the beginning of this month, and then I didn’t use it anymore (I really didn’t like it, and decided to go for my old trusty NYC mascara… which I also replace every month).

Eye pencil: I only use eye pencils that you have to sharpen, and my eldest is about two months old now. I make them up every time and then I get new ones.

Eyeshadow: Ah, I think this is gonna be a weak spot. I use some eye shadow pencils (but you sharpen them, so that’s a bit more hygienic) and a lot of powder eye shadow. Luckily I disinfect them every six months.

Blushes: I only have a palette with MAC blushes, they are now one and a half year old. But I disinfect them regularly

Lipstick: My oldest lipstick was 3 years old, I threw it away and replaced it.

Lip gloss: I only buy cheap lip gloss from the H&M and replace them every six months anyway.


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