Are you dehydrated? 6 signs you don’t drink enough water

Do you actually drink enough water? I clearly wasn’t… the last few weeks I had constant headaches, my lips were always dry and cracked and my skin looked awful.

I first noticed the bad winter weather, but especially when I noticed how badly my body reacted after a cup of coffee (it suddenly gave me an extremely dry mouth and a sore throat), I decided to look up some more.

What turned out to be the case? I lacked a lot of fluids… And so I went back to the green tea, herbal teas, tisanes and water…

You have a constant headache

Your brain needs fluid… and if that’s not enough, you’ll get a big pounding headache. The kind of headache that doesn’t even go away after a little paracetamol and you get up and go back to sleep with it.

Muscle cramps…

You also get sudden and unexplained muscle cramps. So I should have seen this coming: my calves could suddenly get a total cramp,… now that I’m drinking more, it’s gone like snow in the sun! And if that doesn’t help: eat a banana! The magnesium relaxes your muscles more.

Your breath smells bad

I found this on the internet: apparently, you also get a stinky breath when you have a lack of moisture. Definitely, one to watch out for!

You must and will eat sweet all the time

This also bothered me so much: I devoured everything that was sweet. I also had huge cravings for anything with carbohydrates… The bread, pizzas, candy, and chocolate were hard to find. That’s also strikingly less now that I drink a lot of water.

Your skin is dry as a bone

I told you, my skin and lips were bone dry, no matter what I put on them. Now I have much less dry lines (hello there, wrong side of 25) but I retain moisture which gives me a puffy face in the morning. Trying to find something on that…


This was a very strange thing: I could sit in the chair and suddenly I got chills. But really regularly… and that seems to have something to do with a shortage of fluids. Moral of the story: ditch all that coffee, and go for water and tea (don’t exaggerate with lots of black tea… then you might as well drink coffee) if you suffer from these ailments like me!


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