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  • haircolour-suits-you

    Which hair colour suits you? Test + the best tips!

    What hair color suits me? How do you know which colour suits you when you want to dye your hair? We help you find out if you need to choose a cool hair colour or a warm hair colour (your undertone) and why certain hair colours don’t suit you at all. And, of course: the […]

  • short-hair-hairstyles

    How to style short hair? (styling tips for a short hairdo)

    You had the hairdresser cut you a short hairstyle.. but how do you style short hair anyway? Styling short hair isn’t that easy. More than once I went outside with a nice short haircut (you know… you suddenly follow the hair trends of that season blindly) to find out one day and a wash later […]

  • what-bangs-suit-your-face-shape

    What type of bangs suit your face shape? (the best fringe)

    The Best Bangs and fringes to Suit Your Face Shape If you have ever considered getting bangs, they are one of the best hair features that can dramatically transfigure your face in a matter of minutes. With the style and layers that are rightly fit for your face, you can add more definition to your […]

  • beard-styles-men

    10x Top beard styles for men

    10 BEARD STYLES FOR MEN Full Beard Extended Goatee Circle Beard Mutton Chop and Sideburns Styles – grow your mustache and sideburns until they touch one another. Imperial Beard – it is more a mustache style that was popular during the second empire. Think of the early 1900’s boxers. Imperial Moustache with Beard Style – […]

  • bridal-hairstyles

    20x Wedding hairstyles for short and long hair

    A dream day for so many girls since their childhood is their wedding day. It is her day, and everything has to be on spot. No loop holes. The day brings happiness, anxiety and many memorable moments. With the décor, dress, makeup and every little accessory being as desired, the hairstyle can never be taken […]

  • beard-styles-face-shape-men

    Beard Styles for Your Face Shape (what beard suits your face?)

    There are many different beard styles for your face shape that you need to know about. What type of beard suits your face? Depending upon the shape of your face you will want to go with a certain beard style because it will highlight the various facial features that you have. Not every style is […]

  • curtain-bangs-1

    4 reasons why you need curtain bangs (sixties hairstyle trend)

    Curtain Bangs? What is that? In our article about the popular hairstyles and haircuts, we talked about this particular hair trend: curtain bangs. First debuted in the sixties, this was a bombshell hairstyle. Think: Brigitte Bardot,… Later on in the 70’s, we even saw Farah Fawcett sport these bangs (with that typical seventies twist). Do […]